About Intellihealth

Welcome to the website of IntelliHealth, an innovative mobile health care solutions provider.  

IntelliHealth is an academic spin-off, specialized in intelligent mobile phone solutions for health care and well-being. Our products range from robust apps that provide the basis for EMA (ecological momentary assessment) studies to integrated solutions for specific domains that provide users with an engaging and highly personalized experience. In addition to this, we offer professional support for our products. IntelliHealth builds on top of experience gathered in academic research projects and is lead by experienced researchers from the VU University Amsterdam.

The core expertise of IntelliHealth is the development of truly personalized mobile applications. By interpreting sensor data obtained from the mobile phone in combination with personal information of the users, our apps are able to respond in a relevant, adequate and personalized manner. This is made possible by artificial intelligence technology, e.g. machine learning and simulation techniques. Due to our embedding in the academic world, our products are truly state-of-the-art and we are able to involve skilled researchers and developers.