IntelliHealth offers: ready-made mobile heath applications for selected domains and generic solutions that can be customized to fit any domain. In addition, we are open for new developments that involve mobile intelligent technology in the domain of health care or well-being.

Mobile Health applications for selected domains

Depression: MoodBuster

The MoodBuster application is a complete mobile phone based intervention for depression, including state-of-the-art sensing capabilities, different types of therapies such as activity scheduling and cognitive behaviour therapy as well as a complete web-based platform. In addition, it features an intelligent reasoning system that predicts the most suitable therapy for a patient and provides highly detailed feedback. This system has resulted from the FP7 funded EU project ICT4Depression and has been tested among a substantial group of patients. The application is currently available for Android phones.

Healthy lifestyle: eMate

The eMate application is developed to help people with a chronic disease maintaining a healthy lifestyle, e.g. being sufficiently physical active and eating healthy. It monitors the physical activity of users via a calendar application and interaction with the mobile phone, and ask users regularly about their eating behaviour. Based on psychological model of behaviour change, the application tries to stimulate the user to increase improve its lifestyle. The application can be extended with an electronic pillbox that registers medication intake. The system will then also coach the user on medication prescription adherence. The system has been developed in the context of an ZonMW-funded project on therapy adherence. The app is currently available for Android and iPhone.

Generic Solutions

Next to solutions for specific domains, IntelliHealth has a generic framework which allows us to easily generate mobile health applications for a wide range of applications. Hereby, both academic and business domains are targeted.

IntelliHealth MobileAssess App

The MobileAssess app provides customers with a low-cost opportunity for developing a mobile phone application. The app can include a number of functionalities on the mobile phone such as scheduled questions, exercises and a simple feedback mechanism as well as a centralized storage of the data collected and a web-based interface that provides access to the data. The IntelliHealth MobileAssess App comes with full support during the usage period.

IntelliHealth IntelliAssess App

The IntelliHealth IntelliAssess app provides the customer with a wealth of possibilities. The app consists of a mobile application that can be provided to users as well as a personalized web-based interface. This multi-modality increases the flexibility for the user. Standard features that can be included are questionnaires, scheduled questions, exercises, visual feedback (e.g. visualization of trends) as well as an adaptive and highly personalized feedback mechanism. Furthermore, all data is stored in a central database and an advanced research interface is available. The IntelliAssess app also incorporates the possibility to utilize sensory data from the mobile phone, e.g. accelerometer data or location information. The advanced solution also comes with full support from the IntelliHealth staff.